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History of the Verhoeven Family

The earliest known Verhoeven document is dated 1619, when the family lived in the Oosterhout, Dorst, Seters and Rijen area in the Southern Province of Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. One of the documents indicates that Cornelis Janssen Verhoeven owned property in Dorst. The next generations lived in and around Oosterhout.


Jan Cornelis Verhoeven moved to Breda, Noord-Brabant, and married Johanna Nooren on April 16, 1789. Then Franciscus Antonie Verhoeven moved from Breda to Bergen op Zoom,also in Noord-Brabant, where he married Maria Catharina van Gennip on April 2, 1856. My father was born in Bergen op Zoom, son of Adrianus Johannes Verhoeven and Susanna Theresia Wouters. Shortly after the death of Adrianus Verhoeven, his widow Susanna moved to Den Haag (The Hague), Province Zuid-Holland, with most of her children. Two children died very young, and six children moved to U.S.A. The oldest son was the first one to leave approximately 1913. Two of Adrianus and Susanna's children and their families live in The Netherlands. At last count the descendants of Adrianus and Susanna number approximately 208, living in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Cayman Islands and U.S.A. Theodorus Verhoeven came to America on the S.S. Groote Beer (pictured on the right)

History of the Wouters Family


In 1767, the Wouters family lived in Koewacht, Province Zeeland. So did the family, de Waele. The family, le Lelijs, lived in Oostburg and the Draeck family, lived in Philippine. These towns are located in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, the most southern part of Zeeland, next to the Belgian border. This province was plagued by many floods. Fisherman and skipper were a common occupation in this area. The picture on the right is a typical fishing ship.

History of the Baars Family (Amsterdam)

The Baars Family lived in Amsterdam, Province Noord-Holland. The earliest records indicate that they were members of the Noorderkerk. The Noorderkerk was built between 1620 and 1623, desinged by Hendrick de Keyser. The church was built as the Westerkerk proved too far away from the Northern part of the Jordaan where the family apparently lived.


Four of the children of Anthony Pietersz. Baars and Geertje Pieter van der Sluijs were baptized in the Noorderkerk, pictured on the left. One daughter was baptized in the Westerkerk. It was not until the late 1800's that some of the family moved to Haarlem. This picture on the right is the marriage document dated 1691.

History of the Rowoud Family

The Rowoud family lived in Amsterdam in the late 1700's.

History of the Schröder Family

The oldest map, 1816, of Steinfeld shows the Schröder cottage. The Kötterei Grosse Schröder (large Schröder cottage) is located on 13 hectare (32.12 acres).  The first tax register in 1545 lists:  2 Horses, 4 cows, 1 cow, 8 pigs and 24 sheep.  This Schröder was also Untervogt (Assistant to the Mayor) in Harpendorf. The Kötterei Kleine Schröder (small Schröder cottage), close to the large cottage, lists 2 horses and 2 cows.  

History of the Martij Family

The Martij Family originated in Switzerland. Bendic Martij moved to the Province Zeeland. According to the 1797 Census, he lived in Vlissingen. His occupation was watchmaker, and he was single at that time.

History of the van Oostendorp Family

The van Oostendorp Family lived in Amsterdam in the early 1800's.

History of the van den Bogaardt Family

In the late 1600's the "van den Bogaardt" Family (van den Bogaard, van den Bogaart, van den Boogaart, Bogaert, Bogaard, Bogaart, Bogaardt) lived in Haarlem, Province Noord-Holland. Elias van den Bogaart and Willemijntje Willems van Gelder married in Haarlem in 1713. They lived in the Gravinnesteeg in Haarlem, and their religon was Dutch Reformed.


The picture on the left is a copy of their marriage document. Elias remarried in the St. Bavo Church in 1737 (pictured on the right). His second wife Marijtje van Wouw's religion was Roman Catholic.


On January 5, 1659 the records show that Elias Bogaard, a young man from Haarlem, married Annity Fransz, a young lady from 's Gravenhage (The Hague, Zuid-Holland). They are the possible grandparents of the above-mentioned Elias, but this has not been substantiated as yet. The van den Bogaardt Family mostly lived in Haarlem until the early 1900's. Pictured on the right is the ship, Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, 1929-1963. The oldest son of Willem Pieter van den Bogaardt left the Netherlands on this ship in 1955.

History of the Bus(ch) Family


Pieter Dirksz. Busch (Bus) and Maartje Klaas Voogd(t) lived in lived in Westknollendam in the Province Noord-Holland. The Bus Family lived in the Akersloot (middel picture), Graft, Krommenie, Westzaan and Wormerveer area of this province.

Westknollendam is the twin village of Oostknollendam located in Wormer County. In 1796 two hundred and fifty people lived in Oostknollendam,. In 1845 the population decreased to one hundred and eighty. Their religion was mostly Dutch Reformed.

Many windmills were present in the Westzaan area. Some of them were water windmills, saw windmills, paper windmills, mustard windmills, and paint windmills. There were windmills to process oil, cocoa, coffee, shells and hemp. Throughout the centuries more than one hundred windmills were active in that area.